FAQ - The Most Advanced Website Worth Calculator!

What Makes Your Calculator The Most Advanced?

The unique howmuchismysite.com calculator contains a collection of algorithms to query a whole range of statistics, all in real-time. We use Alex ranking to determine the most reliable data available as well as a whole range of other tools as well as meticulous data analysation. The algorithms we have developed are top-secret to ensure our calculator stays independant of other calculators available.

How Accurate Are Your Website Calculations?

Howmuchismysite.com uses the most advanced algorithms whilst ensuring these remain up-to-date at any given time. There is however no exact receipe for establishing the exact worth of a website as this is dependant on many other variables out of our control, such as the income of a shop or service on that website. Website worth calculators can provide an approximate current market value based on real-time statistics such as the daily/monthly and yearly website page views, unique visitors, number of backlinks found on Google, the estimated advertisement revenue, plus much more. Using our calculator will give you the estimated current market value of that website and should be used as an idea of the website worth of any website.

Our tool can be used for numerous purposes such as website investment research or even just for fun or curiosity. If you want to buy a website then before you do anything, analyse the website using our advanced website worth calculator to receive an accurate and reliable idea about a whole range of statistics.

How Up-To-Date Are Your Statistics?

All of our calculations are provided using real-time statistics. You can recalculate the website worth and statistics of any website after a 24 hour period. Once 24 hours has passed a recalculate button will be available and once clicked the statistics will be recalculated immediately.